A group of concerned citizens gathered at Virginia Delegate Ben Cline’s town hall meeting last night, January 5, 2017.  Ben Cline provided general information about his schedule of meetings in Richmond, the two-year Virginia state budget, and the bills he is working on for this session.  Various citizens raised concerns during the two-hour session.  These included gerrymandering, anti-choice resolutions, the highly problematic Virginia “bathroom bill,” balancing the Virginia budget on the backs of public servants whose wages have stagnated, creating job opportunities in our area, and creating a proactive platform to protect the environment.  Some concerned citizens left the meeting even more concerned about how we are represented in the state legislature.  Some attendees also took issue with Ben Cline’s sexist dismissal of some citizens’ expression of concerns as “passionate” (rather than “thoroughly researched” and “well articulated”).  One citizen asked to meet with Ben Cline to talk about the non-partisan initiative “Represent Us.”  Ben Cline expressed willingness to meet upon his return from the legislative session in Richmond.