Update, 4:39 pm 1/30/2017: The bill was laid on the table by the P&E subcommittee:

YEAS–Minchew, Miller, Hugo, Cole–4.

NAYS–Miyares, Lindsey, Price–3.



HJ 763 might be going to the floor today.  Calls to Cline’s office today might be helpful.
Here is the text of the bill: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); apportionment; political considerations prohibited. Prohibits any electoral district from being drawn in order to favor or disfavor any political party, incumbent legislator, member of Congress, or other individual or entity.
This seems like a very fair bill. Call Ben’s office to let him know you’re in favor: (804) 698-1024.
Also related to this bill, last week a 50 Ways member met with Ben Cline at a lobby day sponsored by the Virginia Interfaith Council for Public Policy; here is part of her note to Ben Cline:

Delegate Cline,

I met with you in your office in Raleigh last Wednesday and urged your support for redistricting reform.  You indicated to me that you would be willing to consider a solution to this problem that was truly bi-partisan or non-partisan.  I know you are not on the P&E subcommittee, but on Monday, January 30, four delegates who are, voted to table all proposals to reform our unfair redistricting process.  

One of the bills, HJ763, carried by Delegate Steve Landes (R-Weyers Cave), would prohibit the wide-spread practice of politicians carving out their political opponents.  Contrary to comments by some members of the subcommittee, it did not include a redistricting commission, but just a simple one-line addition to the Virginia Constitution:

No electoral district shall be drawn for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring any political party, incumbent legislator, member of Congress, or other individual or entity.

This amendment represents the core component of redistricting reform.  It is simple:  if you think politicians should be able to carve out their political opponents, then you are for gerrymandering and the elimination of competition in our elections.  You are for a system that has crippled our ability to choose our representatives and created an electorate that feels disenfranchised.

Looking forward, I hope you and other members of the House of Delegates will bring and support non-partisan redistricting reform legislation such as this for a full vote on the floor.  Virginians are looking for leaders who will not be afraid to stand up for fair, competitive elections over incumbents picking their voters and redrawing district lines to their own advantage.

I look forward to continued conversations with you on this issue.