From a 50 Ways member:

Today is the day to act. I urge you to do so because this bill is one of the steps to try and control your access to Internet and how the information over it is shared:

Here is what I received from RANA (Rockbridge Area Network Authority) this morning:

Today the Commerce and Labor Committee of the House of Delegates is scheduled to hear HB2108. (Read about the bill here:

Delegate Ben Cline is on this committee.

His phone number in Richmond is: (804) 698-1024
His email is:

The most effective thing we can do is to call Richmond and tell his aide who you are and that you want Delegate Cline to opposed this bill in committee.

There will likely be a secretary taking the calls so make it clear you oppose legislation HB2108, Broadband, and that it is to be heard in committee today.

If you get to talk to his legislative aide, you can provide additional details.

Please send this on to others you know that are willing to call to express opposition to HB2108. The committee meets a half hour after the session is adjourned so the earlier calls are made, the better chance they will have an effect.