This is from Indivisible. A long list so please pace yourselves:

(1) Gerrymandering:

There is a bill hung up in committee of VA-State General Assembly to amend the VA constitution to make political gerrymandering illegal. Call the House Privileges & Elections Committee chair! Vote for HJ 763 and redistricting reform

Delegate Mark Cole: 804-698-1088 and 540-786-3402
Vice Cair Delegate Jackson Miller: 804-698-1050 and 703-224-6172

Please note: You do NOT need to be a constituent of these delegates. they are tallying opinions from all Virginians in their role as Chair and Vice Chair of that committee.

The ACLU of Virginia opposes HB 1425 and SB 837 because it would further deteriorate the principle of one-person, one-vote in Virginia, making each person’s vote count even less in the Presidential election,” Hope R. Amezquita, a staff attorney and legislative counsel for the Virginia branch of the American Civil Liberties Union

(2) Several bills have been introduced in the House and Senate to:

(a) Override Trump’s executive order on the NSC and

(b) Hard-bake Russia sanctions into law.

Senators Kaine and Warner:
Mark Warner – 202-224-2023 703-442-0670
Tim Kaine – 202-224-4024 703-361-3192

Ask them to support the Russian Sanctions Bill, Senate Bill 94, the “Countering Russian Hostilities Act.”

(3) CALL:

Representative Comstock: 202-225-5136 703-404-6903
Ask her to support the introduction of HR 804.

“To amend the National Security Act of 1947 to protect the National Security Council from political interference”

Additionally, express your concerns regarding the reorganization of the NSC. “The NSC should not be politicized and I object to adding the White House Chief Strategist to the Principal members. What can Representative Comstock do about that?”


CALL: 202-224-4751

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking calls about Bannon’s appointment to the NSC.

Example Script:
“I’m calling the senate committee on Homeland Security to protest Bannon’s installation on the NSC, in the strongest possible terms. Donald Trump’s actions in demoting key policy advisors and installing someone who is not vetted by Congress is dangerous. Please call for his removal from any official role in government.”

This Slate article explains a lot of structural details.

Pantsuit District has a full action on fighting Bannon

(5) SIGN:

Senator Kaine’s Petition:
In order to take military action, Trump MUST receive authorization from Congress – something that hasn’t been done since the fight against ISIL began.

(6) SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION: Comstock Town Hall
Post Milk Carton Image on Twitter, Facebook, etc. #comstock and #townhall