For today’s blog post, we’re sharing information from two organizations that send emails every Monday, telling recipients actions that are needed that week.

The first organization is Indivisible. Here is their checklist for this week:

Action items in Congress this week

1. More confirmations are coming up. We know we sound like a broken record, but the
incompetent, corrupt Cabinet nominees just keep coming. But your opposition is working. The
more time the Senate spends on long, drawn-out confirmation processes, the less time it has
to approve bad legislation. Keep the heat on your Senators, make sure they know you’re still
watching: keep visiting your two Senators’ offices to tell them to oppose these nominees.
○ Monday, February 13: Steve Mnuchin: From foreclosing on tens of thousands of
homeowners during the housing crisis to violating the Fair Housing Act , it’s clear
from Mnuchin’s history at OneWest that what’s best for the American people won’t
be his priority as Treasury Secretary.

○ Week of February 13: Scott Pruitt: As Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt
sued the EPA 14 times . Now Trump wants him to in the role of EPA Administrator.
Pruitt will place private profits ahead of the public good—we can’t put our
environment and health in his hands. Read more .

○ Thursday, February 16: Andrew Puzder: Trump’s ill-suited nominee for Labor
Secretary is slated for a long-delayed confirmation hearing on Thursday. Puzder, a
fast-food CEO, would be a terrible choice to represent America’s working men and
women: he’s a staunch opponent of raising the minimum wage and has referred to
his own employees as “ the best of the worst ” in the labor pool.

3. Combat Trump’s right-wing SCOTUS pick: Judge Neil Gorsuch is continuing his visits to
Senate offices in the coming week. Gorsuch, an extreme right-wing conservative , will work to
undo gay rights and reproductive rights for women if he’s confirmed. We’ve got a script for
combating Trump’s pick and protecting the Senate as a vital check-and-balance in our

4. Protect Obama’s Legacy and the Environment: Tell Congress to Vote NO on CRAs. The
Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows Congress to undo any regulation the executive
branch issues. Congressional Republicans are using it to undermine Obama’s legacy and roll
back environmental protections. But the CRA is time limited: Congress can only review
regulations finalized in the last few months. So if we stop Congressional Republicans here,
they don’t get a second bite at the apple.
Ask your Senator to oppose S.J. Res 11, which would reverse a law that required
oil and gas companies to repair or replace equipment that leaks methane into the
atmosphere. The Senate may vote on S.J. Res 11 Tuesday or Wednesday.

○ Ask your Representative to oppose H.J. Res 69, which would undo a law that
banned non-subsistence hunting, including aerial hunting of wolves, in the National
Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. The House Rules Committee will be voting on this
resolution Tuesday morning, and it could reach the House floor for a full vote soon

The second source is Countable.

Countable will send you “Daily updates on your lawmakers and key developments on the issues you care about.” Here are their suggested actions for this week: