Happy Tuesday, 50 Ways Folks! Here are some possible actions from today. They’re taken from Wall-of-Us and homegrown 50 Ways ideas.
1. Plan to attend tonight’s 50 Ways-Rockbridge meeting: 7:30pm, Lexington Community Center (next to LDMS).
2. Check out SJ McDonald’s event page for the Lexington Women’s Rights Rally on Friday, March 3:
https://www.facebook.com/events/1926649810900181/?notif_t=plan_admin_added&notif_id=1487646438879341 . Volunteer to be a marshal, plan to say a few words, make some posters, or just come support the cause! Please share the publicity!
3. Call, email or visit your MoC (when they are back home this week) and tell them it is time to set aside politics and party in favor of protecting our country and that you expect them to join bi-partisan support for a full, independent investigation into ties between Russia, Trump and his cronies. Tell them they must commit to fully investigating Flynn’s ties to the Russian government, and the White House’s response. Phone numbers are on the 50 Ways-Rockbridge website: https://50waysrockbridge.wordpress.com.
4. Scroll down the 50 Ways Facebook page to find Chris Gavaler’s and Julie Kelleher Knudson’s “Where’s Bob?” memes and share them. This is a good week to put the pressure on in the Where’s Bob? campaign.