(From Eli Fishpaw, member of the 50 Ways-Rockbridge Climate Change & Environment subcommittee)

February 28, Tuesday 5:00 pm at the old courthouse on Main Street in Lexington, VA.

President Trump’s recent appointments to EPA, Energy, and Interior departments are violent attacks on the institutions whose mission it is to protect our environment. We are planning a street vigil with messaging signs to grieve this loss and to build our courage to confront the assaults we know are coming. We need to show up when things happen. Supporting each other also gives greater visibility to our community.

With enemies of the protection mission being given power over these agencies, it becomes more apparent that we will have to actively defend our environment.

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruit now heads the EPA. He has many law suits against the EPA on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. Oklahoma has the highest incidence of fracking earthquakes in the world. He defunded the state’s version of the EPA. He has been caught literally pasting in industry-supplied text into documents claiming it as his own legal interpretations. Please pray for federal employees of EPA that believe in their mission.

Trump, in the interest of eliminating burdensome regulations, is ready to allow coal slurry to be dumped in streams. This is only one example.

For information contact Eli Fishpaw, 540-463-7001, belifishpaw@rockbridge.net

We want to encourage discussion in our community that extends beyond activist. That is the benefit of local events. Signs are needed to covey our message. Please keep signs you make for future demonstrations. Use your imagination that convey our concerns. We want to probe for openness by people who have not considered these issues.

Protect Life Resilience

We Grieve the Loss of Environmental Protection

Climate Change is Real

Defending our ecology is love for our creator

Protect future generations’ chance to live

Pro environment is Pro Life

Pray for EPA Civil Servants