Preserving Coral Reefs – Sunscreen, Oxybenzone, Beaches and Ocean

This bill is scheduled to be heard by the Energy & Environment Protection (EEP) Committee tomorrow. Please call and write before tomorrow morning. Sorry for not having more notice. There will hopefully be 2 or 3 other committees that will hear the bill in a few days – so whatever you can do would be great!

Description:  Prohibits the use or application of sunscreen, sunblock, or cosmetics containing oxybenzone while on a beach or in the ocean unless the sunscreen, sunblock, or cosmetic is a prescription drug. Takes effect on 1/7/2059.
(SD2) Companion:
Coral Reef Protection from Sunscreen Oxybenzone. SB1150 SD2. A bill to protect sea life from toxic sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone.

Joe DiNardo, a member of 50 Ways Environment Committee, has been working with several people for some time to get a hearing for a Hawaiian bill to ban products with Oxybenzone (a sunscreen additive that kills coral and other aquatic life, and has human adverse effects) from the beaches in Hawaii.

Please call and/or write emails to the Hawaii Representatives involved. Joe is requesting help from the 50 Ways Rockbridge as a whole to help get SB1150 SD2 up for a hearing.

3/13/2017 H Bill scheduled to be heard by EEP on Thursday, 03-16-17 8:30AM in House conference room 325.

URL for the SB1150 SD2 bill for those who want to read it:

URL for SB1150 SD2 –


Representative’s email addresses and phone numbers. If this is too many for you to deal with, please contact the Chair and Vice Chair; Chris Lee and Nicole Lowen:

Representative Chris Lee
(808) 586-9450

Representative Nicole Lowen
(808) 586-8400

Representative Kaniela Ing
(808) 586-8525

Representative Cedric Gates
(808) 586-8460

Representative Angus McKelvey
(808) 586-6160

Representative Linda Ichiyama
(808) 586-6220

Representative Sylvia Luke
(808) 586-6200

Representative Ty Cullen
(808) 586-8490

Representative Calvin Say
(808) 586-6900

Representative Cindy Evans
(808) 586-8510

Representative Ryan Yamane
(808) 586-6150

Representative Beth Fukumoto

Representative Sam Satoru Kong
(808) 586-8455


Aloha Representative [name],

Please grant a hearing for SB1150 SD2. We need laws in place that show Hawaii has made a stand to protect people, sea life, and corals from toxic sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone. There is evidence oxybenzone increases sensitivity of corals to bleaching; kills corals particularly juveniles; & prevents restoration.


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From Joe DiNardo, a member of 50 Ways Environment Committee:

My Email to the representatives, which gives some background information:
Oxybenzone concentrations in water are at or above the Lethal Concentration 50 levels observed for many species of coral/aquatic life and higher than the reported predicted no effect concentration level in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in some parts of the world. Oxybenzone is known to bioaccumulate in all types of waters, concentrating in fish, which we in turn eat. Urine content of Oxybenzone in humans, regardless of female (gravid or non-gravid), male or child is disconcerting and appears to be directly related to application of products that contain the chemical, but may very well be increased by washing it off our bodies and having it return in our drinking water. Oxybenzone has been shown to react with chlorine, producing hazardous by-products that can concentrate in swimming pools and WWTP. Research scientists from all parts of the globe are finding Oxybenzone at high levels not just in water, but in human/animal tissues and fluids with concerns of estrogenic and anti-androgenic activity making it unclear as to what the potential health effects may be (in addition to the chemical being known to produce allergic, photo-allergic and contact urticaria reactions in humans). Lastly the apparent rise in skin cancer rates appears to be more likely attributed to life style decisions (less than 25% of the population choose to use screens) than having products that contain Oxybenzone … there are more effective substitutes available currently in the marketplace that contain Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide.


Representative [name],

I am neither for nor against industry, but merely wish to protect the beauty and diversity of our environment and the health of people. Please do not allow a $9 billion sunscreen industry to control a $350 billion market in global coral tourism, food and erosion protection.

I realize that there is a lot of information in the above paragraphs, however, I would be happy to share the full publications (listed below) that support my statements as well as be happy to come to Hawaii to further discuss them with you personally – if given enough notice to find reasonable airfare.

Most Respectfully – Mahalo,

Joe DiNardo

1976 – 2013: CTFA/PCPC member working on various scientific committees/issues
1976 – 1993: Revlon-Almay, Inc.; Vice President of R&D and Corporate Vice President
1993 – 2013: Pharma Cosmetix Research, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer
2013 – Current: Scientist Emeritus