You can tout that you voted for bill X, but feel safe that a bill that has problems won’t actually become law. Basically that is what Republicans have done 60+ times in the last 7 years where they have “tried” to repeal Obamacare knowing that President Obama would veto the bill. However what if you really wanted a bill to pass (like the ACHA), but signals coming from the Senate indicate there aren’t enough votes to pass the bill?

If you are in a difficult race then there is a second side to that kind of action – it records that you voted for that bill. But if the Senate doesn’t even vote for the bill or it fails a vote, then you have a recorded vote for nothing.

I heard a phrase used this week “Walk the Plank” for just this situation. The member of the House gets the fallout from the vote from constituents that are against you, but don’t get the benefit of having the bill make it to law. This is the situation that Rep. Goodlatte is in now. 50WaysRockbridge is on the case.
I sent off this brief note to Bob Goodlatte today:

Please “Walk the Plank” on this bill. We need to confirm your vote.

This is not a good bill and even the various factions in the GOP can’t agree on what should be in it:
– Fewer people will be covered per CBO
– Pricing will go up
– It cuts out Planned Parenthood which provides critical health care services for women across the country.

Please reject the American Health Care Act.

Submitted by 50 Ways-Rockbridge Member Jim Manley