This morning on NPR, Mark Warner said that he is undecided about Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court vacancy. I urge you to call his office and let him know that he needs to oppose Gorsuch, and here is why.

Gorsuch has made a number of pro-corporate rulings. He sided with a company that dismissed an employee for leaving his cargo behind–the trucker had waited for help to arrive for three hours in sub-zero temperatures and was losing feeling in his extremities. Gorsuch also agreed that Hobby Lobby could “withhold federally guaranteed rights to birth control from thousands of female employees because of the religious believes of the corporation’s owners.” (Source:

Gorsuch assisted in writing a proposal regarding the treatment of Guantanamo Bay prisoners that was later ruled unconstitutional. You can read more about it in this New York Times article.

Gorsuch is a social conservative and is opposed to physician assisted suicide; it’s logical to assume that he is also against abortion.

We should also keep in mind that the republicans refused to give Merrick Garland a hearing for supreme court justice, even though they were derelict in their duty by doing so. Democrats need to hold republicans accountable. They were not willing to consider the nominee of the lawful president; democrats should not consider the nominee of a president whose entourage is being investigated for its ties to Russia. Chuck Schumer has called for a delay in the Gorsuch vote until Trump’s Russian ties are clarified; Mark Warner should stick with Chuck Schumer on this one.

Here is Mark Warner’s contact information:

Submitted by 50 Ways-Rockbridge member Julie Knudson