Updates from the Environment subcommittee:

Date: Saturday, April 22
Location: Hopkins Green Park, corner of Jefferson & Nelson, Lexington
Time: 4pm to 8 pm, free showing of The Lorax starting at about 8:15 pm

Plans for Earth Day are going great, thanks to a lot of people pitching in–we will have working models of a solar power installation, a glass beehive (so you can see inside) and possibly a model of stream and groundwater exhibition, as well as activities for kids and the free movie, The Lorax, starting around 8:15 when it should be dark enough. There will be related exhibits, such as gardening for pollinators and using native plants in your landscaping. It’s possible there will be a forest ranger on hand who can talk about fighting the recent Goshen forest fire, the hazards of fires and the potential benefits.

Bring blankets to sit on for the movie. We have also invited a lot of musicians to stop on by and play for a while. Personally I’m hoping accordion and cello performances (you know who you are!) Don’t forget there is Walk for Life Resilience–getting to the event under your own power–to make the event visible. B Eli Fishpaw will be on hand to discuss assessing your own carbon footprint. We will have an organic farmer, talking (at her booth) about the benefits of buying local. And we may have nature-related art.

There will be two open forums–one at 4:30 and another around 6:30, where individuals can talk to the crowd about their particular environmental concerns. Just remember, this is a non-partisan, non-political event. The talks shouldn’t take more than three minutes each, so the suggestion is for speakers to identify their concern, say why it matters and, if possible, suggest a solution. If there interest in a panel discussion of a particular issue, we could schedule that, too. It would be wonderful if advocates of two sides of an issue–say groundwater regulation, just as an example–could politely discuss their points of view with one another. Contact B Eli Fishpaw if you are interested.

There will be representatives of the Rockbridge Area Conservation Council, Friends of the Chessie Trail, Boxerwood and 50 Ways Rockbridge on hand with information on their organizations and concerns. There will also lists of which legislators and governmental bodies deal with some particular issue, as well as their addresses–probably also postcards for you to write and mail on site.

Expenses have been kept to a minimum, but we would welcome donations to help with the cost of the movie license ($285) and various printing and kids supplies ($150). Tax deductible contributions can be made through RACC–they’ll need your name an address, or you can make a voluntary cash donation at the celebration.

Hope to see you all on Saturday afternoon!


Updates for the LGBTQIA+ subcommittee:

-John Vosburgh wrote an article to the News Gazette about HB 2025 which the governor has vetoed.
-Kathy Fravel wrote an article in the same paper about how peaceful and good of an experience the Women’s Rights Rally was.
-We are having a tutorial next session on Slack as a means of communication.
-Andy will be going to the Thrive Conference, sponsored by the HRC. This is a way to incorporate the LGBTQIA+ youth in our classrooms and all around.
-We continue to monitor legislation on the Federal and State level. The map to plot these bills is a work in progress but coming along. Emma is linking us up with a Google extension called Feedbro to help us with this.
-We discussed the art of going to Ben Cline’s office and talking to him about YOUR life experiences.  The idea here is to show how his decision-making affects ALL his constituents.
-Talking Points: Trans Rights, Language, and Healthcare are coming along.
-We want to also do “socials” to get to know each other better as we tackle this topic.
-We are working with providers about three questions to gather as we work with Women’s Rights and Education on Title IX. We have are continuing to gather data.
-We have a total of 20 people in our group and have met now 5 times.

Updates from the Publicity subcommittee:

The 10 member Events Publicity group is organized and ready to help sub-committees publicize their 50 Ways Rockbridge events. We can make and post flyers, write and send out press releases, place ads and generally help make your event known to people outside of 50 Ways Rockbridge. Contact Joe Watkins at joewlaw2@gmail.com  or Elizabeth Sauder at esauder@rockbridge.net And remember to use the hash tag #50WaysRockbridge for Instagram and Twitter.
Happy Spring!

General Announcements:

The Maury River Friends are sponsoring a talk by Linda Rabbin about her book “Sanctuary and Asylum: a Social and Political History” on May 21 at 3:00 pm, location TBD. Information about the book can be found at: http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/search/books/RABSAN.html


Bob Goodlatte Open Door Meeting this Thursday:  

  • In Lexington every third Thursday of the month, from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Rockbridge Co. Administration Building, Second Floor, 150 South Main St.
  • Show up and ask your questions!

March for Science Bus:

  • Date: Saturday, April 22
  • The bus leaves the W&L Parking Garage at 5am, and leaves DC at 5pm.
  • The cost is $71.
  • Contact Lisa Greer at greerl@wlu.edu to reserve your spot!