An update to our earlier post from the Conflicts-of-interest/Corruption subgroup:


Field trip to Roanoke!  We’ve learned from the Northern Virginia Indivisible group that it could be helpful if some people from our end of the state paid a visit to Sen. Warner’s office in Roanoke to encourage him to push hard on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Russia Connection.  Sen. Warner needs to know that people from across the state are very concerned about this issue and the reports that this investigation is not moving forward as effectively as it needs to.  For those who can make it, let’s meet at Sen. Warner’s Roanoke office at 4:00 this coming Wednesday (May 3).  The address is 110 Kirk Avenue SW, Roanoke 24011.  If you need a ride, please send an email to


If you can’t go in person, please call Sen. Warner’s Roanoke office (540-857-2676) to let him know how important this issue is to you.  And let Sen. Warner know that if the Senate Committee can’t do this, he needs to call for an independent, non-partisan investigation.


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