Good morning! First, if you’re angry about the AHCA vote, here’s something you can do:  Go to and donate money to help swing the votes in districts of house members who voted for Trumpcare. We’ve got to stop this malicious congress, and the best way to do that is to vote them out of office.

Second, thanks to a service called “ResistBot” you can easily send faxes to your senators and representatives and let them know how you feel–all from your smartphone! Simply text, “Resist” to 50409 and you’ll sign up for the service. They make it easy to share your concerns. If you want to read more about it, look here: Take the time to send faxes today to Senators Kaine and Warner, urging them to fight the AHCA in the senate. Tomorrow, send a fax to Bob Goodlatte and let him know that, yet again, he voted for a policy that is going to hurt his constituents.

If you want to be more informed about political issues, listen to “Pod Save America”, a political podcast by former Obama administration speech writers. The language is a little salty, but you’ll appreciate the analysis, the interesting guests, and the biting sarcasm. You can listen on your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone.

Next, join us on Wednesday at 5:00 in the 2 South Main meeting room in Lexington for a screening of the (short) movie 50/50–it’s about power, politics, and women, and getting to a truly gender-balanced world. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation!

If you need to blow off some steam about the steaming pile of AHCA legislation, please join us tonight for 50 Pints at the Devil’s Backbone Outpost from 5-7 pm.

Finally, if the craptastic piece of tax-cutting legislation thinly disguised as healthcare has loosened your wallet, we would appreciate donations here. This helps us to meet expenses for advertising events and other costs of supporting resistance in Rockbridge.