Action Requests

  1. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate of the cost of the AHCA should come out this week–look for a 50 Ways update with issues and actions–make plans now to contact Goodlatte’s office, as well as the offices of Senators Kaine and Warner. (Whatever bill the senate passes, the house will have to vote on it again; Goodlatte has another chance to do the right thing and protect the healthcare of his constituents.)
  2. Last week, the FCC announced plans to roll back safeguards on internet neutrality. This could have a dampening effect on entrepreneurship and could lead to higher prices and slower speeds for consumers. You can read more about it here. The FCC is taking comments at this website: Please share your concerns! The bill is deceptively named; it’s labeled the, “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal. It’s a completely misleading and bogus name. The only freedom is for ISPs to charge more and to decide what content is worthy of high speed. Please note: if you fill out the FCC comment form, your name and address will be available on their site!
  3. If you signed up to join the local chapter of the NAACP or if you’re interested in joining, please bring a check for $30 made out to the NAACP to Tuesday evening’s 50 Ways-Rockbridge meeting at the Lylburn Downing Community Center at 7:30 pm. (The creation of a local chapter was a suggestion made at a group meeting earlier this year by community members. Thanks to the hard work of members of our Racial Justice subcommittee, it’s happening!)

Upcoming Events:

  1. 50 Pints at the Devil’s Backbone Outpost, 5-7 pm. Everyone is welcome!
  2. 50 Ways Group Meeting this Tuesday, May 23 at 7:30 at the Lylburn Downing Community Center.  Issues Coordinators will each have three minutes to give an update. Please send your updates before or after the meeting to so that we can post the updates on Wednesday for those who could not attend the meeting.
  3.  The Rockbridge Alliance is hosting a potluck on Saturday, June 3 from 4-6 pm at Jordan’s Point Park in Lexington. Bring a dish for a family-fun day to kick of National Pride month. If you have any questions, please contact the Rockbridge Alliance via Facebook.

  4. Quakers in Russia: Another Tuesday night option from the Maury River Friends Meeting (Quakers):

    Friends –
    Few of us know much about what is actually happening on the ground in the former USSR since it broke up in 1991 – we get the broadest possible strokes from our US news sources and have to go digging for more.
    Here is an opportunity to hear much more from a California Quaker involved with Friends House Moscow, an internationally led NGO which works directly with Russian NGOs, providing training and some financial assistance.
    A flyer is attached briefly describing Julie Harlow’s work.  She will be in Lexington on Tuesday May 23rd, and will be speaking at 7:00 pm at Sunnyside House at Kendal.  The program is free, and Julie is happy to accept donations to this work.
    For those who have a kinder and more inclusive vision for our world than the current Federal administration, this promises to be a breath of fresh air.
    Feel free to share the flyer and invitation with your email list or on your bulletin!
    Thank you –
    Peggy Dyson-Cobb
    for Maury River Friends Meeting (Quakers)
    Lexington VA

    russian quaker flyer