According to a 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation report, nearly half of American births are covered by Medicaid.  On average, the cost of having a baby is $8805–the largest medical expense most young families will face. Senate republicans are going to vote again tomorrow to repeal the Affordable Care Act, at the same time that they try to portray themselves as “pro-life”. What could be more pro-life than funding Medicaid, which helps so many to cover the enormous cost of giving birth?

Republican senators can’t have it both ways and we can’t let them. Call your senators and let them know you’re not tired of defending the ACA, and they can’t get tired either. Ask your friends and family in West Virginia, in Nevada, in Maine, and elsewhere, to call their senators and tell them to vote NO on the repeal.

Yesterday, Politico reported that Senator John Thune of South Dakota said that if they can’t repeal the ACA this week, they’ll try again. We can’t give up, because they won’t give up.

Muster your energy, and pick up the phone! Call Tim Kaine: 202-224-4024 and Mark Warner:540-857-2676 today.