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Publicize Your Event

Steps for publicizing your event:

  1. Write a press release and send to 50waysrockbridge@gmail.com for approval. (see the sample press release at the end of the checklist)
  2. Send the press release to Tinni Sen and ask her to put the info on the 50 Ways website calendar. (tinnis.sen@gmail.com)
  3. Send the press release to Sydney Bufkin and ask her to send out an email to all 50 Ways members. (sbufkin@gmail.com)
  4. Send the press release to all or some of the print press on the list at the end of this checklist. Include a short note in the body of the email asking them to please print the release if there is room and attach the release in an editable form (not a pdf).
  5. Send the press release to all or some of the TV media on the list at the end of the checklist.
  6. Send the press release to The Rockbridge Advocate. Include a note asking that the event be included in the Refrigerator Calendar and inviting Doug to the event. Deadline is 17th of the previous month. The calendar is first come first served. (Doug Harwood, editor:   rbadvocate@embarqmail.com )
  7. Put the event in The News-Gazette Calendar. Deadline previous Friday noon. (Darryl Woodson, editor: editor@thenews-gazette.com) This is only for community events NOT political events. The Gazette will only run political events in a paid ad. HOWEVER, it can’t hurt to try! (sample calendar event at the end of checklist)
  8. Put the event in W&L daily online Campus Notices for the day of the event and the day before. A W&L employee must do this and must first set up an account. (set up the account here: https://mga1.wlu.edu/login.php?redir=/campusnotices/index.php)
  9. Set up a public Facebook Events page. Ask all the sub-committee members to invite their friends and mark themselves as going. This will show the event on their friends feeds. Update the page several times with new info and photos to keep the buzz going. Share the page with the 50 Ways Rockbridge Facebook group page.
  10. Make a flyer. 8 ½” x 11” is a practical size. Be creative and eye-catching. Try collage, hand-drawn pictures, bold magic-marker letters, stamps, fluorescent paper. If possible scan and save it as pdf and jpg. Use the pdf for printing and the jpg for Facebook and inserting into emails.
  11. Print the flyer. Use a home printer for a small run without much ink. James Allen Printing is good for ink-heavy flyers or runs of more than 75. You can email them a pdf (https://www.jamesallenprinting.com/order-online/) or take them the original to copy on their color copy-machine. Please request funding from the 50 Ways-Rockbridge Board before printing if cost is an issue.
  12. Post the flyer on bulletin boards – including Blue Phoenix Café inside and outside, Lexington Motel Restaurant, YMCA, P.O., libraries (Lexington, Goshen, Glasgow, BV), W&L, VMI, dumpsters. Remember to cover the county, BV and Glasgow.
  13. Email an invitation to friends (perhaps using the flyer as a jpg in the email) and ask friends specifically to forward the invitation to their friends.


DURING THE EVENT: Use Instagram and Twitter. (#50WaysRockbridge)

AFTER THE EVENT: Post a wrap-up with photos on the 50 Ways Rockbridge Facebook page.

AFTER THE EVENT: Write thank-you notes to everyone who helped.


  • Place a display ad in The News-Gazette. Deadline is Monday noon, advertising@thenews-gazette.com  (Gazette rate card: http://thenews-gazette.com/Rate%20Card%202016,%20rev.%205-25-16.pdf) They will make the ad.
  • Take out a classified in The News-Gazette. Deadline is Tuesday, 10:00,  classified@thenews-gazette.com (first insertion $10.75 for first 3 lines, $1.65 for each additional line.)
  • Place a display ad in The Rockbridge Advocate. Ad rates: full: $400, 2/3: $266.75,1/2: $200, 1/3: $133.35, 1/4: $100, 1/6: $66.75, 1/8: $50, 1/12: $35, spot color is an additional $100, full color is an additional $400.) They’ll make the ad
  • Banner across Main Street or Washington Street. ($125 installation fee + price of banner. Specs at the end of checklist)
  • Booth at the Community Festival in August.




Lexington The News Gazette: 463-3113, published weekly on Wed

editor Darryl Woodson, editor@thenews-gazette.com

reporter contact Kit Huffman kit.huffman@thenews-gazette.com

submission deadlines: news stories, Fri noon editor@thenews-gazette.com

Calendar Fri noon, editor@thenews-gazette.com

classifieds Tues 10,  classified@thenews-gazette.com

display ads Mon noon, advertising@thenews-gazette.com


W&L/Rockbridge Rockbridge Report:  published online weekly

general staff rockbridgereport@wlu.edu

Kevin Finch, Lead Supervisor, Visiting Assistant Prof. of Journalism & Mass Comm. finchk@wlu.edu


Rockbridge County The Rockbridge Advocate: 463-2062, published monthly at the beginning of the month

“Refrigerates” calendar deadline around 17th of previous month, news tips anytime

editor Doug Harwood, rbadvocate@embarqmail.com


Regional/Roanoke   Roanoke Times: published daily

Rockbridge/Botetourt bureau reporter Laurence Hammack, 981-32339, laurence.hammack@roanoke.com

Online Calendar (not print calendar) submission: https://www.roanoke.com/users/admin/calendar/event/


Regional/Staunton News Leader: http://www.newsleader.com/  (800) 793-2459, published daily

David Fritz, Executive editor, 402 133-9116, dfritz@newsleader.com

staff listing and contact info: http://static.newsleader.com/staff/


OTHER PRINT MEDIA (in Cline’s and Goodlatte’s district)


Amherst Amherst New Era-Progress: 434-385-5555 published weekly
staff listing and contact info: http://www.newsadvance.com/new_era_progress/site/personnel.html



Lynchburg The News & Advance: 434-385-5440,  published daily

news tips and story ideas news@newsadvance.com


Bath County/Highland County The Recorder:  published weekly on Thurs

Anne Witschey Adams, Publisher/Editor RecorderAnne@gmail.com,




Richmond Times Dispatch:  published daily, covers state

two state politics reporters, Graham Moomaw and Patrick Wilson

news tips http://www.richmond.com/contact-us/


Charlottesville The Daily Progress: publishes daily

news tips news@dailyprogress.com



WDBJ7, Lexington bureau (located in The News-Gazette building) Bruce Young: byoung@wdbj7.com

WSLS 10  news@wsls.com
Assignment Manager newsroom@whsv.com
Nick Gilmore nicholasg92@vt.edu




WVTF and Radio IQ: kelseap6@vt.edu

WMRA: general email wmra@jmu.edu      News director Bob Leweke lewekerb@jmu.edu

Classic 96.7 3WZ & 1450 WREL 540 463.2161      info@3wzfm.com     

Rockbridge County High School The Prowler: publishes online, Alejandro Rush, Editor-in-Chief rushalex99@gmail.com




50 Ways Twitter #50WaysRockbridge

50 Ways Instagram

list of Virginia newspapers with links. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_newspapers_in_Virginia

Goodlatte’s district map http://goodlatte.house.gov/district/interactivemap.htm

Cline’s district map http://www.bencline.com/the_24th_district


BANNER across Main Street or Washington Street. ($125 installation fee + price of banner. Contact Lex Public Works Dept. – 463-3154 to see if the space is available. Can be reserved up to 1 year in advance. 3‘ high x 20‘ – 24’ long, grommets top and bottom, air holes. Fill out application from Public Works and receive approval. Must be a non-profit event.)






contact: Gail xxxx

phone: XXX-XXXX

email:  XXXXX@gmail.com




If you are confused or looking for information about what’s going on with our roadside dumpsters and recycling centers in Rockbridge County, come on out and have a chat about trashy matters with your neighbors and elected officials on Tuesday, May 16 at the Natural Bridge Firehouse, 5705 South Lee Highway.


The event begins at 6:30 with light refreshments and the opportunity to meet and chat with other participants. At 7:00 Buffalo Supervisor John Higgins and Natural Bridge Supervisor David Hinty will give a status update, hear opinions, and take questions.


While issues related to trash are of concern across the county, this meeting is intended for those who live in the Buffalo and Natural Bridge districts (e.g. Fancy Hill, Natural Bridge, Glasgow). The sponsors hope to hold similar gatherings in other parts of the county soon.


The event is sponsored by County Unity, a group of local folks interested in bringing people together around common concerns, and is a part of 50 Ways Rockbridge.




Monday  May 15

6:30 p.m. Trash Talk! Presentation and discussion about the current status of the dumpsters in Buffalo and Natural Bridge districts with Supervisors Hinty and Higgins. Natural Bridge Firehouse, 5705 South Lee Highway. Public invited.


NEED SOME BACK-UP HELP? Contact the publicity group via:

Joe Watkins:   joewlaw2@gmail.com     540 205-8191

Elizabeth Sauder:   esauder@rockbridge.net    540 463-4011

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