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Healthcare: Talking Points

Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Talking Points   02/20/17

Protect our health care! As a result of the ACA:

  • An additional 20 million people in the US now have health care insurance, including 685,000 Virginia residents (an increase of almost 10 %.)
  • In Virginia’s 6th district there was a decrease of 22% uninsured, with 31,000 marketplace enrollees.*
  • All health insurance benefit plans, including private plans, became more comprehensive.
  • Fewer Americans avoid medical care because of cost, and fewer struggle with medical bills.
  • The rate of rise of health care costs has actually decreased.
  • Preventive health services are covered with no co-pay in all insurance plans.
  • Prescription drug coverage is more affordable for seniors.

Support our community’s needs! Do not repeal the ACA without simultaneously implementing an affordable plan that provides the same coverage and protections of the ACA.  Any acceptable replacement plan must include:

  • Coverage of children on their parents’ plan until age 26.
  • No annual or lifetime dollar limit on benefits.
  • No exclusion of any pre-existing condition.
  • Preventive care, such as recommended cancer screenings, immunizations, health maintenance, and well-baby care.
  • Comprehensive care, including mental health, substance abuse, maternity, reproductive, pediatric (including dental and vision), and prescription coverage.
  • Subsidies that will be based on income rather than age, and premium costs that will be the same for men and women.

What’s at stake for Virginia? **

  • 685,000 Virginians stand to lose their health coverage
  • Repeal would put care for 970,000 Virginians, or 11% of the state’s population who rely on Medicaid for their health insurance at risk for loss of benefits.
  • 5 million Virginians with pre-existing conditions will be denied affordable comprehensive coverage.
  • 3 million Virginians with private health care coverage, including 848,000 children, and 1.3 million seniors on Medicare, will lose guaranteed access to FREE preventive care.

Providing all citizens with access to affordable essential health care also improves quality of life and makes our country more humane and hospitable for everyone. 


*ACA Stats by Congressional District www.indivisible.com

**Families USA: http//familiesusa.org/issues/affordable-care-act


February 8 talking points:


Affordable Care Act talking points:

  1. Having health insurance tied exclusively to employment strangles economic progress. People are much more afraid to start new independent businesses because of problems with access to health insurance, and those with preexisting medical conditions are afraid to  seek economic advancement through changing jobs out of fear of losing coverage.
  2. Market forces alone were not adequate to restrain health care costs, because lack of adequate consumer awareness of employer-paid health costs combined with fragmentation of the health insurance market has hampered effective price negotiation.
  3. Despite the increased premiums of ACA insurance this last year, overall the rate of increase of health care costs has decreased substantially since ACA implementation. Rate of increase of health care costs has decreased by 2/3 since implementation of the ACA.
  4. Uninsured individuals are disproportionately lower income and at higher risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and COPD, but are unable to afford preventative health measures that help contain long-term costs of these progressive and potentially disabling conditions.
  5. Higher numbers of uninsured individuals place an undue financial burden on hospital emergency rooms because they delay care until conditions are more serious and costly to treat. Unreimbursed emergency room care placed a huge burden on community hospitals, and has been one of the biggest factors in making hospitals in rural settings financially nonviable.
  6. Workers with health insurance are more productive and less prone to absenteeism than those without health insurance. Many of the most common causes of workplace absenteeism—back pain, musculoskeletal injury, depression, anxiety, asthma, headache–are readily treated conditions that tend to go untreated in individuals lacking insurance.
  7. Greater access to consistent health care and improved insurer accountability has substantially improved healthcare outcomes across the board, including decreased readmission rates after hospital discharge, improved health status, and decreased mortality.
  8. Reliable access to health insurance improves financial security for all Americans. Many or most Americans live with fear about what will become of them if they lose their job along with their insurance,  and are unable to get needed medical care.  Fear of  catastrophic illness and financial ruin is a serious ongoing worry for most Americans. The majority of bankruptcies in the past  (60%)occurred because of catastrophic illness.
  1. We simply do not want to live in a society that does not assure everyone of access to essential medical care, any more than we would want to live in a society where we see people starve or freeze to death in the streets.  Having all citizens with access to healthcare makes our country more humane and hospitable for us all.











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