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50 Ways-Rockbridge Issues Coordinators

(To limit the amount of spam our Issues Coordinators receive, we’ve listed email addresses with “at” instead of “@” and “dot” instead of “.”.  Please substitute the symbols accordingly. For example, “janedoe at aol dot com” would become “janedoe@aol.com”)

Environment Bridget Kelley-Dearing bridgetzlm at aol dot com
Consumer Protection Nathan Bowden bowden.nathan at gmail dot com
Corruption & Conflicts of Interest David Millon davidmillon7 at gmail dot com
County Unity Gail Sperka and Jane Harrington ashgrove999 at gmail dot com and janefharrington at gmail dot com
Education Becky McKenzie beckymckenzie128 at gmail dot com
First Amendment Ann Olson anno1anno at yahoo dot com
Gerrymandering Valentina Dimitrova and Chris Gavaler vpdimitrova at yahoo dot com and gavalerc at gmail dot com
Healthcare Sharon Kirk queensrealm4 at gmail dot com and robinsj at wlu dot edu
Immigrant Rights and Advocacy Kip Brooks kipb5657 at gmail dot com
Jobs and Training Atin Basu, Nathan Bowden, and Stephanie Wilkinson atinbasu at gmail dot com bowden.nathan at gmail dot com, and stephwilk at gmail dot com
LGBTQIA+ Rights Andy Martin profesormartin007 at gmail dot com
Local Candidates Dusan Janjic djanjic at rockbridge dot net
Outreach to Student Groups Emma Worth and Sophie Youngdahl emmaworth at gmail dot com and sojaleyo at yahoo dot com
Racial Justice  Tinni Sen
Women’s Rights Lulu West luluwest1 at gmail dot com
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