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Minutes Racial Justice Issues Group 5.04.2017


5.04.2017 Randolph Street United Methodist Church


  1. Welcome and introduction

Present: Reginald Early, Atin Basu, Kathy Fox, Debbie Funkhouser, Ellen Mayock, Tinni Sen, Tom Todd.

Absent: Mimi Elrod, Robin LeBlanc, Helen Farrar, Vickie Kave, Maxine McConnell, Lyndon Sayers,  Jeanne Wilson.


  1. Establishing a NAACP chapter: the next steps Reginald Early
    1. Completing the NAACP application forms and collecting dues. Reginald will contact Mark P. Lomax, NAACP Chair of Revitalization Committee and ask if a) He can meet with us in June, b) how many people have to be at that meeting (given it has to be on a Saturday), and c) whether we can have the NAACP application forms completed and dues collected in time for our meeting with him.
    2. We need a plan to help with annual dues ($30) in cases where that is a hardship.
    3. So far we have 65 signatures, (66 with Robin LeBlanc)
    4. Formerly, our chapter was the Rockbridge County NAACP chapter. (Mimi spoke with Marylin about the NAACP: it was active when LeVert Taylor was the pastor at the First Baptist church).


  1. Establishing NAACP college chapters:
    1. WLU: Mimi contacted Tammy Futrell/Tammi Simpson who is (one of  the Deans of Students at W&L), waiting to hear from them.
    2. VMI: Tinni Sen. Chris Perry suggested that we form a focus group first to see how interested cadets are in establishing a VMI chapter of the NAACP. He sent Tinni a few names. Tinni will follow up with these students.


  1. FB page Tinni. Will add Tom’s wife to the Racial Justice Issues group (Deanna Todd)
  2. Increasing diversity
    1. Baptist church in town, one in NB and BV, WLU students. Reginald
    2. Chris Perry (VMI): Tinni: see above
    3. Designate members to: Reach out to Chamber of Commerce, Visitors center, Women’s Lexington club, LexCollective (Ellen will ask Stephanie), (Tinni and Ellen will find out, ask Stephanie). Goal is to encourage them to make diversity a priority.
    4. Community Neighbourhood Watch meets third Wednesday 6pm at Lexington police office.  Tinni (and possibly Kathy, Ellen and Atin) will attend to talk about NAACP and 50 Ways Rockbridge on May


  1. Crafting a mission statement. We agreed that our mission statement should be brief, connected to 50 Ways Rockbridge Mission statement, something like the NAACP mission statement, and include language that addresses the issue of white privilege. Tinni will send out an email, and people will comment on it.


  1. Other business:
    1. Tinni will email a MSWord version of Agenda
    2. As part of Educate:
      1. Debbie suggests Communty showing of THIRTEEN
      2. Speakers: WLU professor of Media Ethics Ally Colon, (Debbie), David Maxey (Tinni will ask Ellen about him)
      3. Debbie will look at the activism workbook to see how we can reach out to the community


  1. New Initiative: Getting eligible voters registered (with correct voter ID). Tinni will bring voter registration to next 50 Ways meeting
  2. Coming to the table: Vickie Kave, Helen Ferrar. Not addressed this time
  3. White Awake: Not addressed this time

Next meeting: 6/1/2017 at 5:15pm at Randolph Street United Methodist Church

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